1.Hit this link for free ssl from gogetssl then click “Create New Order”

2. Choose business or private (mine private), Select product type “SSL certificates”, Select Item “Comodo Trial SSL” then click “Complete Order”

3.After complete Order you will redirect to Sign in to your account or Create new account (mine create new account)

4.Fillup form Sign up for New Account then click “Next”

5.After Creating New Account you will redirect to Log in Page, Log in New created Account.

6.After Log in click “incomplete orders”

7.You will see List of all your SSL certificates,click “Generate” on SSL Incomplete status

8.CSR Configuration, If you have already CSR paste it on the form.If you dont have yet CSR click “Online CSR Generator” (mine i will create online CSR generator)

note:if you are using IIS or microsoft azure WebApps choose IIS on “Web Server Software”

9.Fillup form, Common Name is the domain you want to put SSL (i use mine “secure” subdomain), then click Generate CSR.

10.Copy Generated CSR and back to the CSR configuration tab, paste it on the CSR configuration then click “Validate CSR” Also keep your private key save as “filename.key”

11.Select validation method, you can use via E-mail, via DNS, via HTTP/HTTPS Hash file, via META tag. (i use mine via DNS methods since i have the control of my domain)

for DNS method edit your domain name dns records, Add CNAME Records generated.

After editing DNS Records of your domain Name  click “Next”

12.Fillup form and check Subscriber Agreement then click “Complete Generation”

13.Done, Your SSL Generation is Complete and wait a few minutes for appoval

14.Download Your SSL Certificate.


2 thoughts on “How to get free SSL

  1. Free SSL-certificates are useless for commercial projects. I recommend using the paid certificates from LeaderSSL (advisable EV SSL).

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