How to Install VMWare ESXi 5.5

1.Go to and navigate to the section where you can trial vSphere 5.5 or use this link > Register for a trial account > Login

2.Download ISO file and burn to CD or burn to USB using Universal USB Installer.

3.Boot the CD or USB.


4.Press “Enter” to continue then press “F11”  to accept the EULA .

5.Select the  disk where you want to install, and press Enter to continue

6.Enter a root passwor.Press Tab key, then enter password again to confirm.Press Enter to continue.

7.Press F11 to start the installation.

8.When the installation is complete, Press Enter to reboot.

9.Once the ESXi server has booted it will receive a DHCP lease (if applicable) you can now manage this with the vSphere client or continue to set a static IP for management (recommended)

10.Press F2 and enter your root username and password.


11.Select “Configure management network”

12.Select “IP Configuration”

19. Change to “Static IP”

20. Enter your IP address, mask and gateway and hit Enter.

21. Press escape [ESC] to got back to the main menu.

22. You will be asked “Apply changes and restart management network?”, say yes [Y]

23.Done, you will now see you static IP address is set and you can now manage this with the vSphere client.


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